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Mindfulness is an integrative, mind– body-based approach that can help people manage their thoughts and feelings and change the way they relate to experiences” – The Mental Health Foundation

There is now a great deal of evidence that demonstrates the benefits of workplace Mindfulness programmes. Mindfulness programmes can prevent mental health conditions from developing as well empower individuals to manage their own mental health and to be more productive, happy and engaged at work.

In this session we will explore:

  • What Mindfulness is and what it isn’t
  • The science demonstrating the effectiveness of Mindfulness
  • How Mindfulness can prevent/treat mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression
  • How Mindfulness is used in CBT
  • Practical tools that you can use to be more Mindful
  • The connection between Mindfulness, gratitude and optimism
  • What a guided meditation feels like.

There will also be the opportunity to network with other delegates.

Who is this session for?

HR/Wellbeing professionals, line managers and leaders, who are concerned and/or responsible for the wellbeing of their employees.

Tuesday 7th August

8:30am Registration, refreshments and networking

9:00am Session starts

10:30am Close

The session is free to attend, however, we will charge £50 +VAT for cancellations with less than 5 days notice.