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Open workshops 2020

We are holding off releasing the dates for our events until we have more certainty they will not be affected by the developing covid-19 health concern. We instead invite you to register your interest for the event(s) and we will share date, time and venue details with you in due course. 

Empathy in the workplace | Open workshop – free

In this practical 90 minute workshop, we will look at the importance of empathy in the workplace: what it means; how it looks; what happens when you have too little; and whether you can ever have too much.

Using exercises and practical scenarios, we’ll explore how to communicate with empathy, and how to minimise the risk of compassion fatigue. This workshop will be led by Mark O’Grady; dedicated to improving mental health and wellbeing and Alison Best; helping clients build workplaces where people can thrive.

Whether you’re a leader, an HR professional, a mental health first aider, or a colleague who cares, you probably need to be able to listen with empathy and act with compassion. Some people find it easier than others – it’s a muscle that can be trained, a skill that can be learned and we can all get better at it.

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“Help, is bullying going on?” Four things you have to do. A byrne·dean workshop for anti-bullying week | Open workshop – free

To support national anti-bullying week, we are holding a free workshop to help anyone interested in addressing workplace bullying. Normally you’ll only experience our world class training if your organisation brings us in – but for anti-bullying week we have put together a unique workshop to help anyone with a personal or professional interest in addressing this issue. This is for you if you are unsure what you’d do if you ever have a concern for yourself or others. This is for you if you have a formal responsibility to improve the culture where you work – maybe you lead a team/department or work in HR, ER, D&I or L&D.

Workplace bullying is often absent from discussions about inclusion, diversity and modern workplaces. Because it’s a difficult, emotive and subjective topic. Because bullying is sometimes portrayed as mainly a school-age problem. At byrne·dean we tend to shy away from using the label too, but we don’t shy away from addressing the behaviour. It has huge impact on individuals and organisations and we need to talk about it more. Your time with us will be well spent. The workshop will be practical and you will leave with increased confidence to handle difficult situations, clear about how to protect your own (and others’) mental health and connected to some great new people.

We have a unique perspective on bullying. Our experience in culture, change, employment law, HR and ER has helped many leaders understand and address what’s driving negative behaviour in their business. We have helped many people who are probably seen by many as bullies to turn their behaviour around. Our work on resolving workplace issues informs our high impact training that gives people the tools they need to create positive workplaces. Our mental health work has helped thousands to look after themselves and others in challenging situations.

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No Taboo Being you | Open workshop – free

Would you rather do a parachute jump than talk to an employee about going through the menopause, having suicidal thoughts, or a recent bereavement? Our free No taboo: being you workshop might be just what you need.

When it comes to the factors that affect how well your people can do at work, wellbeing and inclusion are key. But actually building a truly inclusive workplace, where people feel psychologically safe and accepted for who they are and what they’re going through, can be tough. It’s a cultural thing and requires connection, trust and open conversations. It doesn’t help that we’re often still tongue-tied by workplace taboos.

This workshop will be designed to dismantle taboos and barriers and is aimed at leaders who need to have these conversations, or support others to do so. We want to get people talking about the really tricky stuff they gets in the way of inclusion and wellbeing. We’re happy to talk about all kind of concerns – but we’ll focus on three areas our clients have told us they want to get better at when it comes to inclusion:

1.         The menopause

2.         Suicidal thoughts; and

3.         bereavement

We’ll tackle the challenging questions: How do you create a workplace where people are open about it (to the extent they want to be at least)? What do employers need to know about the experience itself? What should you say if someone raises it with you? How much do you say to the team? What do you do if it disrupts business-as-usual? How do you support the perfectionist who fears letting you down?

Do you know someone who would never talk about this stuff? Do they have any people responsibility? Please bring them along too.

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