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Our approach


All workplace issues are emotional issues. To be effective you must be comfortable and credible working at the emotional level. Our people bring their emotional intelligence to every situation. 


We’re able to get to the root of the issue quickly. We use our real world experience to recommend solutions we know work. 


Organisations and situations differ. We truly listen to your needs and ensure your objectives are met. If we’re not right for the job we’ll tell you.

Training & facilitation

Interventions that make a difference

Organisations worldwide turn to us when they need training that sticks. If it relates to culture, leadership, inclusion, mental health, behaviour, belonging, change, emotions, wellbeing - we can help. We are comfortable with the uncomfortable.

We know that workplaces and situations differ, so our sessions are not off the shelf. We collaborate with you to ensure your objectives are met. Our sessions are grounded in reality and incorporate a blend of real-world case studies and simple but effective tools that attendees can use immediately.

We run high engagement sessions of all formats and sizes; workshops to drama based learning, keynotes through to high impact 1:1s.

Everyone plays a role in engendering a culture of inclusion. We help people understand the benefit of having a diverse employee population and how to value and support that diversity to create a high performing environment. We apply the principles of emotional intelligence to challenge people to see things differently, and to foster a culture built upon psychological safety and belonging.

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Unconscious bias
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conscious decision making
  • Leading with ethics/your values
  • Meaningful conversations about race
  • Recruitment and interviewing
  • Challenging 'imposterism'
  • Building targeted diversity awareness eg LGBTQ, gender, working parents

We increase awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace to create health and sustainable cultures in which mental health and wellbeing is part of the conversation. We use our lived experience and the insight and experience that comes from being at the forefront of this work for many years.

  • Unpacking mental health and wellbeing
  • Managing mental health
  • Better conversations on mental health
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • A focus on stress
  • Resilience
  • Sleep
  • Mental health coaching
  • Hybrid working
  • Burnout
  • Return to the Office

We add value by embedding awareness with a focus on practical steps to achieve effective outcomes - the 'how to' piece. Using innovative audio, video and live actor work, we create immersive experiences for participants - a safe place to practice techniques.

  • Effective feedback
  • Maternity management
  • Early conflict resolution
  • Challenging conversations
  • Handling disciplinary & grievance situations
  • Training for employee representatives
  • Recruitment and interviewing
  • Speak up reps / allies training
  • Managing performance

We help people to focus on their individual accountability and on how they can bring about change in their area of influence. We encourage people to explore other perspectives, to stand in their shoes, to see what they see and to use this awareness to reflect on their own behaviour and decision making, and to challenge behaviour that might be problematic for others.

  • Harassment awareness and prevention
  • Leading with respect
  • Personal conduct
  • Working with respect/appropriate workplace behaviour
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Inclusion and respect champions/allies

We work with leaders and influencers whose employer has identified their behaviour as representing significant risk, or could do so in the future. We help them see the impact they have on others and to recognise and improve their role modelling behaviour. These sessions are highly effective and often have immediate results.

  • Disciplinaries
  • Grievances
  • Allegations of problematic behaviour

We are catalysts for change - experts in challenging thinking, presenting with gravitas and addressing people ‘on the level’. This makes us an excellent choice for inspiring awareness through keynote addresses. Our senior leadership team have decades of experience working globally across audiences of all types; using a real world approach that is practical, thought provoking and memorable.

  • Leadership strategy days
  • Industry conferences
  • Partnership conferences

Digital learning

Engaging online solutions to suit your needs

Need to train your people on demand and at scale? We develop compelling digital learning to complement our live training across all subject areas, using our in house team and technology, or working with your preferred e-learning partners.

When would you call us?

You need an expert partner that can provide a complementary blend of live training, digital takeaways and online training modules. You need a standalone digital solution on a particular topic area. You'd like help with the content for digital learning of any size that sits within your LMS.

Over the years we have helped many clients with the design and delivery of online training, particularly around conduct, bias and mental health. Our solutions are never dull and our content is always practical, grounded in the real world and impactful. We use a mix of media and interaction which ensures high engagement.> Find out more
This engaging interactive course, suitable for all staff, looks at the meaning of wellbeing, raises awareness of stress and mental health issues, and supports people to identify ways they can thrive. It is both a general awareness raising tool and also a just-in-time resource for people to access if issues arise.> Find out more
Covid-19 has forced workplaces to change dramatically. This short interactive course supports employees to address some of the challenges they face working from home as well as in a hybrid workplace.> Find out more


Facing a tricky people issue?

Something has blown up, or will if you don’t act. It’s risking performance, relationships and reputations. Only proven, senior, experience can help. Maybe it’s really getting to the bottom of what happened, why and what needs to change. Maybe it’s helping warring colleagues to move forward. Maybe it’s a problem that’s beyond your normal options.

We combine diverse expertise, independence and emotional intelligence. We bring together seasoned experience across employment law, HR, ER, leadership, mental health, psychology and culture. This unique and powerful combination provides you with:

  • Exceptional value – due to our business model.
  • Trusted outcomes – due to our impartiality.
  • Lasting solutions – due to our deep insight.

Our insightful investigators can add more value than finding the facts. We surface underlying issues by drawing on our extensive and diverse experiences. Independent and impartial, we are trusted at all levels and across sectors. We handle sensitive situations with emotional intelligence. We are experts in discrimination, harassment, bullying, dishonesty, culture, wellbeing and concerns about management style.

  • Disciplinaries
  • Grievances
  • Ethics / speaking up investigations
  • Management fact finding

Where a relationship is under strain we can break the cycle and find a way forward. We build trust quickly and if there is a way to bring the people together we will find it. No two situations are the same, so we spend time with you and the parties before deciding how best to move forward. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so we follow up after the mediation to help those involved adjust to any changes.

  • No ‘one size fits all’ approach
  • 1:1 preparation / coaching
  • Formal or informal mediation
  • 1:1 follow up afterwards

Sometimes the situation you’re facing doesn’t fit into a neat box! For whatever reason, you’re not sure who to call. Our approach is designed to make a difference. We are trusted, creative and independent thought partners for organisations with tricky people issues. We don’t hide behind privilege. We don’t have one eye on internal politics. We can help you and your people in an impartial way.

  • Sounding board
  • Policy reviews
  • ‘Place to talk’ confidential facility for your people
  • ER / speaking up / HR support

Strategic support

We help you create sustainable, positive cultural change

We work with clients who want an independent, senior expert with real world experience to take an objective view of an aspect of their culture and make recommendations for change and improvement. This could include conducting a strategic review of wellbeing, resilience or inclusion, belonging and diversity; defining and aligning Purpose, Values; or proactive reviews of areas of concern such as team dynamics.

Unlike consultants, we don’t work to a fixed philosophy or method. Each situation is unique and we partner with you to focus thinking and ensure your objectives are met. We work fast and with a honed critical eye; drawing on our experience of workplace behaviour and successfully effecting change.

Expectations on leaders have changed significantly. D&I and belonging is not just an agenda item for any board or Senior Leadership Team, it must be embedded into all behaviour, practices and processes. It’s not about policies, it’s about a deep, sustainable and demonstrable culture. We use inclusion surveys, interviews and focus groups to analyse your data and make appropriate recommendations.
We have been appointed to support the direction and growth of the Mindful Business Charter since 2019; working with a community of leading organisations across multiple sectors to promote better mental health at work, reduce unnecessary stress within and between organisations and create healthier and more effective working practices.
> find out more
Resilience and wellbeing are now senior leadership priorities. Covid-19 has made that inevitable. Many organisations are doing the same activities and finding it isn’t meeting the challenges of the times. If you’re ready to make a shift from activity to strategy, we can help.
> Find out more

Our wider impact

We are a values-driven business, and our commitment to making a difference extends further than the work we deliver with our clients. We are deeply passionate about what we do and use our knowledge and influence to create positive change in a variety of ways.

Carbon Offsetting

As a business that services global clients, we inevitably have to travel. By offsetting our emissions through ClimateCare since 2005, we have supported projects that make a measurable difference to people’s lives and sustainability. Since 2005, we have offset 593 tonnes of carbon, which is the equivalent to 9,805 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

This is Me

Richard Martin is co-chair of the steering committee for the Lord Mayor’s ‘This is Me’ in the City campaign. This is Me is a pioneering City wide mental health campaign, initiated and led by the Lord Mayor’s Appeal team under the Lord Mayor’s 2016 Power of Diversity programme.


Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy. Each day around 16 people take their life in the UK and Ireland. Every hour, the Samaritans receive 600 calls for help. Their work is critically important in helping save lives. This is why we donate a portion of our revenue from our mental health related work to the Samaritans.

Mindful Business Charter

We were appointed to promote and develop the Mindful Business Charter, an initiative to change the way that organisations work with their clients to remove unnecessary stress and so promote more effective and healthier working practices. Richard Martin leads this work.


Pilotlight transforms the lives of disadvantaged people in the UK by offering charities and social enterprises access to the strategic business support they need to become more efficient, effective and sustainable. Our CEO Victoria Lewis is a ‘Pilotlighter’; using her experience and expertise to guide others in charities to help more people more effectively.


We proudly support Butoke on The Justice Project. Butoke is a small NGO which works in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the poorest people on earth. The Justice Project specifically aims to enforce the legal rights of survivors of sexual and other violence and, also, to encourage respect for such rights. Sexual violence in particular is endemic in the DRC, with recent conflicts having made it worse.

Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy

EYLA’s mission is “to nurture and develop the leadership potential, health and wellbeing of children and young people, especially Black Asian and other ethnic minority groups, empowering them to become the next generation of successful leaders”. EYLA view education as a launchpad for this mission and as a gateway to belonging to an influential peer group who will individually and collectively exert positive influence in society. We donate a portion of our revenue from our work on racial issues to EYLA.

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