Project Description

Julie Morris

I’ve spent my career advising individuals on career-defining issues, such as harassment, bullying, discrimination and whistleblowing. I know two things from my 20+ year legal career. The first is that everyone loses in an adversarial process. The putting aside the price tag, the costs to individuals and organisations normally include reputational damage and huge stress. The second thing I’ve learnt is that lawyers and legal processes are almost never the best answer to a workplace problem. That’s why byrne∙dean’s work is so important and different.

My work at byrne∙dean is about improving workplaces through investigating problems for organisations. I’m known for being fair, sensitive and sensible. I also get to the real issues by applying my experience as people leader and of representing people who feel wronged. I’m proud to be part of the Resolution team here, working to make workplaces kinder, fairer and more productive.

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Summary CV

  • University of Leeds (LLB, Law)
  • College of Law (LPC)
Career History
  • 1997-01 – Ashurst – Trainee Solicitor, then Solicitor
  • 2001-09 – Russell Jones and Walker – Solicitor, then Partner
  • 2012-19 – Slater and Gordon – (6 years – Principal Lawyer, then Head of London Employment, 2 years – Head of Employment, 2 years – Head of Core Services/Head of Personal Legal Services
  • 2019+ – Keystone Law – Consultant
  • 2020+ – byrne∙dean – Associate