Project Description


Eleanor Handley

How often do we hear the phrase, “it was just a miscommunication”?

For the better part of two decades, across varied industries and offices, I have seen the same habits and patterns tripping people up. Whether you’re responsible for a presentation in front of 800 people, or giving feedback one on one, the principles are the same, and thousands of years old! I provide clients with simple, concrete communication tools they can use every day to improve their impact and effectiveness.

When facilitating training programs for individuals and groups throughout the legal, finance, pharmaceutical, tech, design and academic sectors, I draw on theory and techniques from my extensive vocal and performance training, and from the career I’ve built both in corporate training, as well as a performer on stages and screens throughout North America, most recently at Lincoln Center in NYC.

Over the years I have refined a user-friendly, reliable approach for targeting unhelpful mindsets and habits. My approach harnesses the power of each individual’s authentic style. In witnessing the profound and lasting changes possible, it has become my passion and my purpose to facilitate more authentic and effective modes of communication throughout the workplace, and beyond.

Summary CV

  • University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Creative Arts, Diploma of Modern Languages – The New School for Drama, New York City, Masters in Fine Arts