Alison Best I’ve been at byrne·dean since 2012 and have two roles: firstly as part of the core facilitation team – running interactive training sessions across the globe; and secondly developing new training content – keeping up with clients’ needs, and the latest research and developments in psychology, neuroscience, leadership, technology and, Read more >


Uxshely Chotai  I love to help other people – whether that is through just listening to them, supporting them or providing them with tools or information that they may find valuable.  This is probably pretty useful, given that I am a psychotherapist. I didn’t start my career as a therapist though – Read more >


Sophie Clifford If you can resolve workplace issues before lawyers get involved, you should. I know this from practicing as an employment lawyer since 1998, advising and litigating, having worked for the UN, government, SMEs and start-ups, looking after employers and employees. Resolving workplace issues takes many forms. I love delivering the Read more >


Hilary Cordery  I am an experienced employment lawyer and trainer having worked for many years as part of a leading Employment team with global law firm Baker McKenzie. I have led training sessions for managers, HR/ER professionals and in-house employment lawyers, and have spoken at / chaired online webinars, round-table think tank Read more >


Matt Dean Victoria Byrne and I started byrne·dean in 2003 to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces.  My two head and neck cancers (2009 and 2016) have influenced my life and work. My first book ‘the Soft Stuff: reclaiming kindness for the world of work’ is published in April. I was an Read more >


Katie Drysdale I joined byrne·dean in June 2019 after 12 years in professional services (eight of those in law) working across communications, brand and business development. Put simply, I work on building and maintaining reputation, so I understand the importance of good culture and ‘lived’ values for building a strong brand. My Read more >


Paul Evans I carry out investigations for clients of byrne dean and also do some training. I spent 20 years working as an employment lawyer – first for Linklaters, representing employers, next for Rowley Ashworth, representing employees and trade unions. Subsequently I set up a niche employment firm with a former colleague Read more >


Jenny Harrison My work as a training facilitator is underpinned by a life-long fascination with human behaviour and group dynamics.  I am driven by a strong desire to make a difference to people and workplaces and I believe that everyone has the right to feel included and valued so that they can Read more >


Eleanor Handley How often do we hear the phrase, “it was just a miscommunication”? For the better part of two decades, across varied industries and offices, I have seen the same habits and patterns tripping people up. Whether you’re responsible for a presentation in front of 800 people, or giving feedback one Read more >


Ellie Herriot I am a facilitator at byrne·dean and deliver a range of training sessions all over the world. I  am passionate about developing awareness and behaviours which allow employees and organisations to reach their full potential. I have experience running a huge range of sessions from all staff behavioural to leadership Read more >