Future World of Work

Investment Association project contribution

The latest thinking from leading experts in investment management and beyond on what the future world of work might look like, has been brought together in a new document published by the Investment Association (IA) today. The Future World of Work is a series of thought leadership pieces and case studies designed to generate discussion and help investment managers navigate the workplace of the future.

The pandemic has, and will continue to shape the economy, society, and future working environment. The Future World of Work collates the latest thinking on three key areas: the office of the future; working patterns and practices; and skills and behaviours. These are underpinned by two other crucial topics for the industry: diversity and inclusion considerations and the evolving regulatory environment.

The UK holds an integral position in global investment management and this brings immense benefits to communities all across the UK, and savers looking for guidance and access to the best products available. As the UK begins to recover from the pandemic, it is a critical time for the industry to consider and develop this status. By creating an attractive working environment, going forward, the UK will be able to continue to attract and retain the highest calibre of investment talent.  

Chris Cummings, Chief Executive of The Investment Association, said: “As we approach the end of COVID restrictions, we are reaching a pivotal time for the investment industry, and we remain committed to supporting our members in the next stage of this transition.   “Our industry’s ability to adapt quickly and efficiently in the face of uncertainty has been exemplary.  It is now time to learn from those experiences, using them to help shape the future of work and making  sure it is inclusive for all.”

The full document can be found here.

This summer is set to see a lifting of lockdown restrictions, including a return of the physical workplace. Re-establishing organisational norms and the logistical practicalities are high on the agenda, of course, but this alone won't create an effectively functioning workplace. Leading people into the 'next normal' requires a human skillset that is tuned into and equipped to deal with emotion.

Join us on 29 April to hear our workplace behaviour experts explore how to approach the future of work. We'll cover:
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leading with EQ for inclusion, engagement and culture
resolving tricky people issues.

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