Working with you through Covid-19

We have been working tirelessly to help our clients through the challenges of the global pandemic.

It remains an uncertain and challenging time for everyone. For leaders, HR and staff. It is not business as usual. There has possibly never been such a threat to inclusion in the workplace. This also creates a time of great potential and an opportunity for positive change. byrne·dean’s mission is to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces and we believe that has never been more important.

We have adapted our thinking and our delivery to the changing world we are living in. We use the functionality of virtual delivery platforms and eLearning tools to provide blended learning solutions that maximise engagement.

Our programmes can help you equip your people for the sustained challenges of the pandemic. They include: inclusive behaviours in the virtual and/or hybrid workplace; leading/working effectively through Covid-19; redundancy and how to part well; managing mental health; and maintaining resilience.

We continue to do what we do best: connect and engage with people, improve communication, raise awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing, and equip people with the tools they need to thrive in the workplace.



We engage people with straight forward, memorable ideas that are relevant to them in their day to day working life. Our training sessions are practical and challenging. Our facilitation team are passionate, inspiring and “comfortable with the uncomfortable”. We deliver exceptionally in both face to face and virtual classrooms. 

We don’t do “off the shelf” – all of our training solutions are designed specifically for the audience so that they land and resonate. We believe you can’t tell people to:

 be more inclusive
• engage more with their teams
 reduce their “people risk”

They need to believe in the benefits, that it’s worth it, that they make a difference. We encourage people to explore other perspectives, to stand in their shoes, to see what they see and to use this awareness to reflect on their own behaviour and decision making. Our training can be proactive or reactive, large mixed business groups, smaller function led teams or one to ones.

Whether you want to raise awareness, avoid problems, react to a particular issue or develop skills through drama based learning, byrne•dean training will partner with you to maximise engagement, minimise employment risk and foster wellbeing at work.

We are experts in the following subject areas:

bullying and harassment
challenging conversations
conflict resolution
constructive feedback
culture change
disciplinary, capability and grievance
diversity and inclusion
emotional intelligence
employment law for managers
employee representatives
high impact one to ones
leadership skills
managing performance
mental health at work (for more details click here)
recruitment and interviewing
stress at work
unconscious bias
wellbeing at work
workplace change



People issues are a fact of life in even the best run organisations. The world has changed significantly over the last few years – expectations have changed and the lines of what is acceptable, tolerated and challenged continue to evolve rapidly. It is hard to keep up, and the risks of getting it wrong are significant due to more transparent workplaces and increased scrutiny.

Our resolution team is at the forefront of resolving workplace conflict and difficult people matters. We help HR and leaders when there’s a situation that needs to be handled well or put back on track.

You need someone you can trust with the experience, judgement and skill required. We are distinctive because of the quality of our diverse experiences; our grounded independence and our emotional intelligence. We are a unique mix of specialists in resolving issues from many angles: barristers, solicitors (in-house and private practice), employee relations specialists, HR generalists, HR leaders and the judiciary. There is no A team and B team. Our approach is better and our solutions are more effective because they draw on our complementary experiences and the wider byrne•dean expertise in wellbeing, culture and inclusion. We are impartial and build trust: for these reasons we do not provide legal advice and we do not rely on privilege to keep our work secret.

When would you call us? It could be that some key people have fallen out and you’d like help in finding a way to get back on track. Perhaps you have a complaint on your desk and need a report from a respected independent expert. Perhaps you need to restructure or make redundancies and are looking to bring in an expert to help get it right. Or perhaps there isn’t a live issue yet, but your data tells you that it is only a matter of time before there is. This is how we can help you:

Investigations – we investigate when the facts need to be established or a grievance needs to be decided. We are experienced at senior level and complex issues such as discrimination and bullying/gaslighting. We can add more value than just finding the facts – we can draw on our insight and experience to surface underlying issues. This can inform change to prevent issues recurring.

Mediation – where a relationship is under strain we help to break the cycle and move forward. We develop trust with both sides and if there is a way to bring the people together we will find it – and help embed change afterwards.

Partnering – we are an expert and independent sounding board to HR and business leaders on people problems or decisions. We also have deep experience of providing front line generalist HR, ER, change and HR director level support in line with our values, particularly for organisations whose resources are stretched.



If you are thinking longer term about your HR or people strategy, we can help.

We are thoughtful and have decades of experience supporting leaders and organisations, particularly in these areas:

workplace behaviour, leadership conduct and instilling cultural change
the more effective application of disciplinary and grievance processes
inclusion, diversity and belonging
wellbeing and mental health
organisational purpose and values – making them real

Our approach to consultancy is light touch: we are not looking to create work for ourselves. First and foremost we want to make a positive difference. Often that’s about sharing our experience. We have also learnt that most of the important risks arising from any employment relationship are not the legal risks. We look at the entire situation and are willing to be imaginative and bold.

Our workplace wellbeing consulting work, which uses a simple three stage process to develop a wellbeing strategy for your organisation, is an example of how we can help you make a strategic shift in a fast and efficient way.

We have a reputation for conducting excellent and informative, discrete research projects – often with senior people. We listen with palpable respect and identify for you the key themes to be addressed. We thoughtfully and deliberately challenge people’s thinking, encouraging them to focus on employee engagement and how you want to be viewed both internally and externally.


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byrnedean BOOK Book a taster session