Beth Taylor

Beth Taylor


I've been an Associate with byrne·dean since 2010. I am a fun loving and deeply caring Executive Coach, Workplace Mental Health Consultant, Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Psychotherapist. I also hold a post graduate diploma in Organisational Psychology. Over the last 30 years I have had the privilege of supporting people’s growth, performance and personal wellbeing in a leading global professional services firm, financial services organisations, in private practice and by volunteering my psychotherapy services in inner city branches of Mind.

For two years I led a large scale, systemic culture change and skills programme focused on destigmatising mental illness in an organisation of 21,000 people. I am an active advocate for Mental Health and have been a member of the Steering Group for This is me in the City and personally influential in expanding the reach of this ground breaking mental health programme to Glasgow, Greater Manchester and currently the West Midlands.

In my coaching work I have a particular interest in bringing a neuroscientific lens to developing greater resilience under pressure, emotional intelligence and above all encouraging a mindset of kindness and compassion to self and others. This kind of work chimes very well with the humanistic ethos that characterises my professional endeavours and characterises the byrne·dean approach.

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2010 –  current: Associate at byrne·dean

2003 –  current: PwC UK

2015 – current: Psychotherapist and Mental Health Trainer/ Consultant in private practice

2012 – 2018: Honorary Counsellor, Westminster and Hillingdon branches of Mind

1994 – 2003: Independent Coach & Skills trainer (FS& Professional Services)

1986 – 1994: Trainer and Coach, NatWest Bank Plc

Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor with Mental Health First Aid England

MSc Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (Middlesex University and the Metanoia Institute)

2017 Certified Transactional Analyst (European Association of Transactional Analysis)

Post Graduate Diploma in Organisational Psychology(University of Hertfordshire)

BA First class Honours in Psychology (Open University)

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