Inspiring workplace culture change for 20 years

Led by Matt Dean and Victoria Byrne, we began as a collective of employment law and HR specialists who had worked at the coalface of workplace people issues for many years. Our careers had enabled us to identify patterns of how and why workplace relationships sometimes fester and lead to irrevocable damage. This inspired us to identify better ways of working and raise awareness for positive change in workplaces.

Today we are leaders in workplace behaviour and culture. We are trusted by hundreds of global brands and organisations in over 50 countries. We partner with them to deliver on our vision of making long lasting positive changes in workplace culture through our three core services of Training, Resolution and Strategy.

The world, workplaces and expectations on people have changed significantly since we began. You are probably finding your day to day is becoming increasingly focused on people matters and navigating an evolving landscape. It can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start. Our work and purpose – to create kinder, fairer workplaces realising potential - could not be more relevant today. We have a team of incredible people ready to help you.

We are a collective of emotionally intelligent experts with a deep understanding of workplace behaviour and wellbeing issues.

We’re highly specialised in workplace behaviour and wellbeing issues from careers working with leading organisations and institutions. We have diverse professional backgrounds including barristers and solicitors, HR specialists, coaches, clinical psychologists, mediators and mental health first aiders.

We are in tune with the emotional complexities of any professional working environment and have relevant, real world experience, making us credible, commercial and relatable. It is this collective power of our experience that elevates the quality of our work.

What makes us tick

Our purpose is creating kinder, fairer workplaces realising potential.

In Summer 2022, as we all adjusted to new normals at work, we undertook an internal consultation to ensure our values continue to align with our people. We tweaked the words, to update and clarify. No-one wanted serious change from what was developed when we begun in 2003, because they are who we are.

Our purpose genuinely is why most of us choose to be here. We’re proud to say that our values really do govern how we work – every day.

Caring about how we deliver excellence

We’re intentional about the energy and focus we bring to our work and make full use of who we are.

Trusting human connection

Being human is messy; with collaboration comes conflict. We trust human connection to create a path.

Making a positive difference

People like you changing how they think and behave is what makes a difference in work spaces.

Choosing right over easy

An independent voice comes from being grounded, standing firm and creating space for others.

Contributing to issues outside the workplace

We are a values-driven business, and our commitment to making a positive difference extends further than the work we deliver with our clients. We are deeply passionate about what we do and use our knowledge and influence to create positive change in a variety of ways.

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Our highly experienced team of workplace behaviour and wellbeing experts are here to help. Drop us a line for world class guidance and advice.

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