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EPT Legal

EPT Legal is our international affiliate in the United States. Our close relationship and shared mission has been built over many years, and strengthened in particular during the global pandemic; which quickly saw geography mattering less in the delivery of our work.

Our colleagues at EPT Legal lead and deliver numerous training programmes at all levels of seniority, including professional conduct, equity, diversity & inclusion and mental health & wellbeing, as well as working on all aspects of conflict resolution within the U.S.


InChorus is a speak-up platform supporting companies in managing and preventing harassment effectively. With a variety of reporting channels, including safe anonymous reporting and insightful trend analysis, coupled with a secure Case Manager system, InChorus provides businesses with proactive solutions and ensures clients have access to compliant reporting channels and early intervention capabilities.

InChorus is supporting clients to meet the evolving mandates of workplace regulation and legislation like the Worker Protection Act.


BlueSky provide targeted and career focused parental coaching for women in law. Using a powerful combination of coaching and cross-firm networking, BlueSky empower and connect women during a critical stage in their careers.

Designed especially for law firms by two former lawyers and executive coaches and offered on a subscription basis, BlueSky delivers systemic data and industry benchmarking, helping firms to improve how they support working parents.


Rungway is a platform that enables opencommunication between employees and leadership through anonymous posts, moderated by a dedicated team. It allows for diverse perspectives and insights, while providing unique people and trend analysis to help leaders make better decisions, and increase employee buy-in during any organisational changes.

Unlike any other platform, Rungway helps both capture the stories of individuals as well as broader people trends. Spot where resistance lies, and more importantly why it exists by digging deeper into your peoples' different experiences expressed in their own terms. Rungway can help you track progress over time so you can react quicker and make better business decisions.


GenM is a first of its kind movement of progressive brands committed to serving the menopause better.

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace in the UK. GenM provide groundbreaking research, knowledge and experience to better support to all those in menopause, help with understanding the 48 symptoms, and signpost products and services that already exist.

The menopause has been a taboo topic for generations, and workplaces are viewed as one of the least useful support channels for the menopause – a place where, on average, we spend 1/3 of our lives. Changing this requires so much more than writing a menopause policy. In our work with GenM, we’re encouraging open dialogue and inviting the entire workforce into the conversation; which is crucial in changing how the menopause is perceived, improving the wellbeing of thousands of working women, and helping your business perform better.

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