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Leadership fundamentals

Fundamentals of good leadership. What do I need to do?

Learn how you can lead a team so each of your people thrive and reach their potential.

Where do people problems come from? How can I prevent something escalating?

Learn how best to handle concerns about the behaviour or performance of an individual you lead.

As a leader, what do I need to know about mental health?

Understand fundamental aspects of mental health and, in particular, what your responsibilities are in relation to it.

People challenges and how to approach difficult conversations

Learn how to approach challenging conversations early and with openness and curiosity.

Essential management conversations

Someone on my team is underperforming - how do I have that conversation?

Learn how to address someone on your team whose performance is not meeting expectations.

Someone on my team just doesn't seem motivated - what do I do?

Explore what is happening and what you can do to reconnect your employee to their motivation.

I’m worried someone in my team is struggling to cope. How do I talk to them?

Get guidance on how to approach these conversations with our practical toolkit.

Team dynamics: I think there's potential conflict on the team. What do I do?

Learn how you can talk to the people involved and facilitate a positive resolution.

How can I support a colleague who is going through the menopause?

Become more comfortable talking about menopause so that you can have stronger conversations with someone on your team who may be experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Harassment, approachability and addressing workplace conduct

What is harassment? What do I need to know?

Learn about the core elements and nuances of harassment and your role in maintaining an anti-harassment workplace.

How do I create psychological safety? How can I make sure I am approachable so that people raise their concerns with me?

Explore how to foster a psychologically safe team where employees feel they can approach you with issues when they arise.

Someone’s just said or done something problematic. As a leader, what’s my responsibility for the conduct of people on my team?

Understand your role and responsibility in setting the tone, role modelling behaviour and upholding expected conduct standards when something is not ok.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion fundamentals - what do I need to know?

Explore what equity, diversity and inclusion mean and reflect on what you can do differently.

How can I make conscious decisions? Decisions without bias.

Understand your role in building an inclusive workplace and learn a tool to bring more fairness into your decision making.

How can I ensure I hire the best? Overcoming bias and hiring top talent.

Learn what you can do to ensure you are truly hiring the best people who will really drive your business forward.

Employment relations – understanding and implementing the rules

What are the key employment law concepts I need to think about as a manager?

Learn some of the main employment rules you need to be aware of if you manage people in an accessible way.

I’ve been asked to handle a disciplinary, complaint or grievance, how do I approach it?

Explore the fundamental things you need to have in mind to get it right when you carry out an investigation, hear an employee’s complaint or handle a disciplinary allegation.

For everyone

Respect at work: what's my responsibility in a team?

Understand your responsibility for ensuring a respectful and harassment-free workplace; your conduct and the impact you have on the people around you.

How can you receive feedback well - with growth mindset?

Strategies for receiving and giving feedback that help achieve constructive outcomes.

What is mental health and wellbeing?

Gain awareness of wellbeing, overcome stigma and negative attitudes toward mental health and learn ways to look after and sustain your own mental health and wellbeing.

Workplace culture and speaking up - what are your roles and responsibilities?

Understand the different roles people have in these situations and what we need to do when there’s a potential problem.

Coping with stress and building resilience

Gain an introduction to the concept of resilience and explore the actions they can take to manage stress and build resilience.

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