We help with workplace behaviour concerns.

We find the path through workplace disputes, whether before or after they crystallise. Our expert team can mediate fragile or broken relationships, investigate concerns and complaints or make decisions on your behalf around allegations of wrongdoing.

We are comfortable with difficult issues, always treating people with kindness and respect.

Whilst people issues can be addressed internally in most cases, it’s not always possible. Conflicts of interest can prevent an internal solution, or the scale of the issue requires an external dedicated resource. Our highly specialised team have extensive experience covering the private, public, charitable and union sectors. We can help with interventions best suited to your needs.


We are emotionally intelligent, understanding workplace problems are often emotional ones.

We undertake our work in an open, fair and independent way, bringing diverse experience across employment law, HR and employee relations.

Our collective experience has taught us that it is possible to achieve effective solutions with minimum disruption, whilst maintaining confidence of those directly affected and the broader employee population.

My experience with byrne·dean was excellent. They were professional, directed, cost conscious, and performed the tasks they were given with sensitivity and objectivity. Obviously, the nature of our engagement with Byrne Dean is, and must remain, confidential; however, I can say that they handled a challenging assignment in a timely fashion, within budget and produced a work product that exceeded our expectations.
General Counsel, Technology Firm

The latest thinking from the team

May 23, 2023

“He said/She said”: 8 tips for getting sexual misconduct investigations right

Cathy Oliver shares our Resolution team's top considerations for conducting fair workplace investigations into difficult sexual misconduct allegations.
Cathy Oliver
March 14, 2023

Bad conduct: staying impartial and meeting them where they are

Conduct scandals are rife in so many of our institutions; that does not detract from the right everyone has to fairness. What does it take to be fair in the face of scandalous allegations?
Sophie Clifford
March 8, 2023

Where are all the men?!

In place of hugging selfies this IWD, Jenny Harrison takes stock of the big issues that stand in the way of gender equity and what organisations can do day-to-day to make a difference for women.
Jenny Harrison

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