Workplace behaviour

These sessions encourage positive cultural changes at an individual level. Participants will explore other perspectives and learn how this awareness can empower them to change behaviour that might be problematic.

Our sessions are proven to create change for the better. Elements from any of them can be taken to create a tailor-made solution for you if required.
Working with respect / appropriate workplace behaviour
Harassment awareness and prevention
Speak up sessions
Leadership conduct
Leading with respect
Human conversations

We have a deep understanding of workplace behaviour and wellbeing issues.

We are in tune with the emotional complexities of any professional working environment and have relevant, real world experience, making us credible, commercial and relatable. It is this collective power of our experience that elevates the quality of our work.

We have been working with byrne·dean on a programme to help our colleagues understand harassment both in, and outside, of the workplace. The design experience was collaborative, pragmatic and felt like real partnership in action. What became clear very quickly was that byrne·dean not only understood what we needed but also cared enough to get it right.
Caroline Abbassy, Head of ER, Standard Chartered Bank  

Our thinking on Workplace behaviour

March 14, 2023

Bad conduct: staying impartial and meeting them where they are

Conduct scandals are rife in so many of our institutions; that does not detract from the right everyone has to fairness. What does it take to be fair in the face of scandalous allegations?
Sophie Clifford
January 11, 2023

My recruitment road trip

The processes of hiring and driving have a lot in common. Here are some things everyone should think about when setting out on the recruitment road trip.
Amanda Okill
December 8, 2022

Grief in times of joy - when two worlds collide

A reflection on my experience of the loss of my sister whilst on maternity leave, and suggestions on how to support employees returning to work after loss.
Jasmine van Loggerenberg
van Loggerenberg

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