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Mental Health First Aid Training

Delivered by passionate experts
Our trainers are expert facilitators - for MHFA as well as broader
Mental health & wellbeing - who understand the pressures of modern business. They each have lived experience of poor mental health, and extensive experience working in the corporate world. On our courses, they share their first-hand experiences of the relationship between the two.

Why do it?
There are many benefits of introducing MHFA training into your workplace, to name just a few:

• You can reduce the stigma around poor mental health, and help to build a supportive community of people looking out for each other within your team.
• You will empower your colleagues with invaluable tools of empathy and active listening.
• Poor mental health costs UK employers £56bn each year in lost productivity. Whilst the most important factor is people’s health, you will also safeguard your business.

Alongside the training, MHFAiders® are provided with an official certificate, a digital manual with information from the course, and three year access to ongoing learning and support through an official app.

Why us?
We go further than simply delivering the course - we shape the content and delivery to your work environment and your people. Unlike many providers of MHFA training, we see it as much more than a one-off exercise. Our approach is to build a relationship with your organisation and your MHFAiders®, and check in at moments beyond the course date to hear how it’s going.  

We recommend a ratio of one MHFAider® per 10 staff, or matching the number of your physical first aiders. Read more guidance including who you should train, how to allow them to thrive in this new role, and how to signpost MHFA support to your other staff members in our comprehensive organisational support guide below.

Course options to suit your needs
We deliver the following courses both in person and virtually:
• Mental Health Aware
• MHFA Champions
• Mental Health First Aiders
• MHFA Refresher
• Suicide First Aid: Aware
• Suicide First Aid: Understanding Suicide Intervention

To find out more and discuss the right approach for you, please contact

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Just some of the things our clients and participants say: 

"I thought the course was superb, useful, practical, thought provoking and powerful. In particular, I wanted to mention Mark. I have scored him ‘very good’ as the highest option but actually he was beyond excellent. Occasionally you come across people that are very special and he is one of those people. He has an easy manner that is reassuring and he allows people to be quiet and reflective or to join in as much as they want to. I can't praise him enough and feel that he made the course all the more successful."

"Thank you for such an excellent course. Clearly you have worked hard to familiarise yourselves with the material and make it accessible for attendees. I am really grateful for you allowing me to join in with your clients in order to participate and for fostering such an inclusive learning environment."
"Mark and Richard were very informative and actually made the course enjoyable as well as informative. I now feel like I can approach, assess and assist in a situation and ask direct questions which I would not have felt comfortable doing previous to the course. Although this was virtual, the experience was still interesting and informative as it would have been in a classroom."
"The instructors were both excellent, clearly extremely knowledgeable yet entirely approachable, kind and fun to work with. The information and insights that they provide brought us together as a group (we're from diverse parts of the business) and gives us a foundation stone upon which to build something meaningful to proactively support and promote mental health within our organisation."