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Run by facilitators with frontline experience from their careers as employment lawyers, these sessions are designed to help leaders and managers better understand their responsibilities and influence within legal, reputational and regulatory frameworks.

Our sessions are proven to create change for the better. Elements from any of them can be taken to create a tailor-made solution for you if required.
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Highly specialised, emotionally intelligent experts.

All of us have worked in organisations like yours and at the coalface of workplace people issues. We quickly grasp your concerns and where you want to get to.

The team are superb; easy to work with, straightforward but highly professional at the same time. I would recommend byrne·dean to any professional organisation seeking to raise the bar in terms of management capability.
Daniel Taylor, Talent and Learning Manager, Standard Chartered Europe

Our thinking on Risk & accountability

July 27, 2023

SRA new conduct rules: what’s so different?

The SRA has made critical updates that will impact law firms and individual solicitors. Angela Simpeh summarises both the regulatory risks and personal exposure for partners that non-compliance poses.
Angela Simpeh
May 23, 2023

“He said/She said”: 8 tips for getting sexual misconduct investigations right

Cathy Oliver shares our Resolution team's top considerations for conducting fair workplace investigations into difficult sexual misconduct allegations.
Cathy Oliver
November 25, 2022

Hardcore workplaces – be careful what you ask for!

Thoughts on what Elon Musk’s Fork in the Road message will mean for employees at Twitter in both the long and short term.
Jasmine van Loggerenberg
van Loggerenberg

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