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A 90 minute, interactive, thought-provoking open course to help law firms reduce the risk of problematic behaviours and create positive workplace cultures.

Lawyers are under unprecedented scrutiny. And it’s not about the quality of their legal advice. (That can hopefully be taken as read.). It’s about the ‘human stuff’. What is it like to work in a law firm? How do people behave? What about harassment? Inclusion? Respect?

byrne·dean facilitators absolutely understand your working environment. As lawyers ourselves, we’ve lived it and we know the challenges and dynamics in play.

With high profile revelations of harassment by lawyers continuing to emerge, it is clear the legal sector has work to do. By its nature, harassment often remains hidden and unreported and firms can’t afford to be complacent. Statistics show that nearly two-thirds of female lawyers have experienced sexual harassment and big names are finding themselves on the wrong side of the line. If that statistic is true – the probability is that it’s happening in your firm too.

And it’s not just about harassment. It is time to have stronger, better, more frequent workplace conversations about behaviour and create more positive working environments. This involves acknowledging that there is an issue and that getting the ‘human stuff’ right at work can be challenging. In this open session we will look at:

  • The importance of getting this right (risks of not addressing it and benefits of strong workplace cultures)
  • Individual responsibility – “the lines”: law; harassment; SRA; firm rules and expectations around behaviour
  • Real situations; working through the ‘grey’ areas of real scenarios. What makes it difficult?
  • A practical model – what people can do in difficult situations.

We hope you will be able to take up one of our complimentary places.