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Richard Thompson




I have written several articles about the importance of the workplace environment - it is something we are passionate about here at byrne·dean. Employees do their best work when they are feeling valued, engaged and stimulated - research tells us time and time again that the right workplace environment has a direct (positive) impact on performance and results.

One of our core products is a training session we run with staff and managers to help people to reflect on their importance in creating the workplace environment. Given it is something we talk a lot about, I wanted to share a bit more information about our session as it is one we are very proud of!

Our Working (or Managing) with Respect sessions are short, impactful 90 minute interventions and are suitable for employees at all levels. It explores the grey areas of workplace behaviour; the things people say, the things people do and the way in which people react. It goes without saying that employees want to enjoy their workplace and have positive interactions with their colleagues but creating and maintaining an optimum work environment can be challenging. The focus of the session is therefore to highlight the responsibilities each individual has in creating their work environment. We encourage participants to reflect on the roles we all play at work and what individuals can do more of, or less of, to ensure they are “working with respect” so that everyone can thrive and do their best work.

We encourage discussion during the session. We do not tell participants the “right answer” - the subject area is complex and we therefore invite conversation on how we can challenge behaviour that may have a negative impact on ourselves or others. Nor do we lecture on the law. We know our stuff when it comes to workplace environment - we are employment lawyers with a huge amount of experience in this area but we are also great facilitators - we make sure that our sessions are impactful, engaging and interactive.

All of our sessions are tailored to the needs of our clients and we collaborate with our clients to ensure that the sessions we run resonate with, and therefore impact the behaviour of, their employees.

If you think a Working / Managing with Respect training programme is something your business would benefit from, we would love to hear from you! Call Richard Thompson on 07884 664937 or email for more information.