HR - the first line of defence in challenging bias!

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Most leaders and managers are now, at the very least, aware that selection decisions can (are likely to be ...) impacted by their, human and natural, unconscious biases. It's just a case of which ones and how deep they go. But managing those biases is another thing entirely. We all know how easy it is to leave our learning inside the training room and to get caught up in the craziness of the day to day client driven world.

We all need help.

The human resources professional plays a pivotal role in helping leaders to notice their behaviours and sometimes flawed decision making. Increasingly HR are called upon to be the critical friend, to challenge and push back, to interrupt automatic thinking, to help and to guide leaders and staff generally to reflect and ask themselves the questions they committed to in a training session! 

Join me on 15 January at 8.45 am for our first free  open course of 2019. This is an ideal opportunity to share knowledge with other professionals - to talk openly about the complexities of challenging stakeholders in practice and to consider ways to become more effective. Through practical scenarios, we will reflect on the role HR can play and the critical "pulse" points for intervention. Together we will consider how to equip ourselves at being a truly effective first line of defence to bias.

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