Managing People Risk

Richard Thompson




The golden thread of our work at byrne·dean is to help businesses create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces. To achieve this, the work environment needs to be right - people need a safe place to operate where they feel trusted and supported. That's where the role of the manager is critical - it is up to the manager to engage with his or her team on a regular basis, to build trust and foster approachability. On paper it sounds very straightforward but the reality is of course far more complicated. How well we engage with people can depend on so many factors - it is not as easy to connect and engage with some people as it is with others.

Add into the mix the fact that as human beings we are very unpredictable and are prone to making mistakes! So the manager has a second critical role to play in managing any people risks that arise in a timely and effective way.

Through a combination of good engagement and proactively managing people risks, managers will be able to increase engagement and reduce risk. One of our core products is our 'Managing People Risk' training session which helps managers to:

  • reflect on the influence and impact on the people they work with;
  • understand how and why people problems develop;
  • identify the 'early warning' signs;
  • provide effective feedback and manage performance effectively;
  • handle difficult conversations;
  • identify and manage high risk problems such as constructive dismissal, discrimination and harassment; and
  • build trust, foster approachability and create better relationships.

We run free taster sessions - if you would like to know more get in touch!

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