More tips on how to achieve the perfect work-life fit

It is possible to come across as a hard-working employee without responding to emails out of hours or working over-time. “Understand the line between enjoying work and wanting to be a responsible employee on the one hand, and being taken advantage of on the other. Know your rights and be sure to switch off your phone at 6pm,”

I wrote a post earlier today entitled "Are you a segmenter or an integrator?", which linked an article with tips on how to get your work-life balance right, depending on your preferred working style.

I've since come across another article, written in today's Guardian, about how to achieve the perfect work-life fit. It seems to be my topic of the day (maybe I'm thinking too much about that glorious summer weather outside the office!).

Whether you're a 'segmenter' or an 'integrator', it's clear that many of us are moving towards a more flexible way of working, causing the boundaries between work and home to become more blurred. There is mounting evidence that left unchecked, this can cause our brains to become fatigued and limit our productivity. So getting the balance right is important not just for your own benefit, but also to enable you to do your best work for the organisation(s) you work for.

And if you're a manager, think about the messages you're sending your reports about work-life balance. If you're not prioritising your life outside work, then it'll be much more difficult for your team to do so. Remember that it's in everyone's best interests.