Sexual Harassment at Work - has the line moved?

Richard Thompson




The #metoo movement has exposed allegations of sexual harassment across numerous sectors around the globe shows no signs of slowing down. Sexual harassment at work is clearly a topic that all employers must treat seriously, but in light of the current global landscape, have attitudes really changed? 

Join us on 11th December for a free event to discuss the impact the #metoo movement has had on workplace cultures. In particular we would like to open up a debate about whether the 'line' has moved, not only in terms of how people view sexual harassment complaints but also how they are handled. An important part of the debate is to understand where the balance sits for employers - creating an engaging and fun workplace is important for productivity and retention purposes, but ensuring that people feel safe and comfortable at work is equally important. So how can employers strike that balance and what does it look like? We would love to hear from you! Please join us on 11th December - it's free (and we might even throw in some coffee and croissants!). We hope to see you there.

Details on how to sign up for our free event can be found here: