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So many people have a huge disconnect between wellbeing and their ability to perform at their very best each day. Often we dismiss wellbeing activities - yet mental health is the umbrella under which we all sit. Taking time to learn, to develop, to grow, and to do things which improve your wellbeing is an essential ingredient to living the best life - so please come and try out some of these sessions, they could just turn your life around.

This time next week the city of London and Canary Wharf play host to a fantastic line up of free events and activities - there are 80 free sessions available to workers and residents to attend that support every aspect of your mental wellbeing and overall work performance ranging from 'shine offline' workshops and 'carefree singing', panel discussions for parents/line managers, to inspiring talks by those with lived experience. 

So whether you are an HR professional, line manager, business owner, parent, relative, carer, colleague, person experiencing mental ill health or you are someone who just wants to get more out of your day on the 27th November - book now to start your week the right way.

Here at byrne∙dean we are delighted and very proud to be taking part in this event.  As well as an inhouse event for a company wanting to help its people understand and explore their own mental health, I will be chairing a panel event at KPMG in Canary Wharf at 12 noon until 1.30 on Bringing Your Whole Self to Work, and running a workshop at our offices at WeWork Moorgate at 4 to 5 where I will be talking about my own experience of mental illness and giving attendees an introduction to what we mean by mental health, why it is so important and how can we all promote better mental health.

All of the events are listed here and tickets can be booked here.  All events are ticket only so you must register to secure a place, and tickets are going fast.  

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