Your most challenging conversation?

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In this free ‘Challenging Conversations’ course we will:– Explore what makes it difficult– Build tools to give feedback effectively and deliver difficult messages with empathy– Consider and develop the key skills– Look at how to manage your own and others’ emotions intelligentlyWho is this session for?Line managers, supervisors, and human resources professionals who have to conduct challenging conversations.22 November 20170845 – 1100 at WeWork, 1 Fore St, London EC2Y 9DTTo book your free place email

What was the most difficult conversation you have had to have in the last week?

  • A difficult school parents’ evening?
  • Complaining about an appalling meal in a ‘good’ restaurant?
  • Raising an awkward issue with someone you care about?

And then, of course, there’re the ones that need to happen at work…

How did you feel about it? How did you approach it? What happened? And did you get the best outcome?

We’ll be exploring challenging workplace conversations - and strategies to navigate them – at 8.45am on 22 November at our free open session.

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