Project Description


Victoria Lewis

Chief Executive, byrne·dean training

There is nothing quite like that light bulb moment! When someone in the room (so often a hugely “successful” leader) begins to see and understand how they might be viewed by the people they intend so genuinely to influence positively. It is because of moments like this that I remain as passionate and committed to my work as I was when I started facilitating in 2005.

I am never more at home (in a work setting!) than when I’m on my feet enthusiastically engaging with people in workplaces around the world, challenging them and being challenged back, gently but firmly helping and guiding them to see another perspective and to develop greater self-awareness. I don’t preach. My style is warm, personal, high energy and with just the right amount of humour to ensure a safe but thought provoking learning environment.

I lead the inclusion & diversity work and use emotional intelligence principles to connect with people on their level. My analytical and communication skills developed over several years in an international law firm allow me, particularly, to engage with leaders. My credibility and expert facilitation skills ensure that participants reflect, move forward and “continue the conversation”. Outside byrne·dean, I am a Pilotlighter; using my experience to guide others in charities with helping people more effectively.

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Summary CV

  • Southampton University (English)
  • College of Law, London (CPE and LLP)
Career History
  • 1994 – 1996: Trainee Solicitor Simmons & Simmons
  • 1994 – 2005: Associate and Managing Associate Simmons & Simmons
  • 2005 – 2016: byrne·dean facilitator
  • 2016-date: Chief Executive of byrne·dean