The post-pandemic workplace

Facing the future - hybrid work

As workplaces begin to open up employers, leaders and teams need to evolve effective ways of hybrid working. Are your leaders equipped with the human skills they need? How will your people work together in the next phase? How can you ensure everyone feels included and OK, able to contribute? And what about handling potential conflicts?

Many employers are making provisional arrangements for a hybrid workplace. No two situations are the same and no one has done this before. Leading people into the next normal requires a human skill set that is tuned in and equipped to navigate the emotional impact of another wave of change. Working in new ways will present new challenges and opportunities. We offer a range of training programmes designed to support you.

How we can help you in the next phase

#1 Leading in the
post-pandemic workplace

These sessions help leaders address the core post-pandemic challenge: how to build a strong hybrid culture in which each individual feels valued and developed; where your people are motivated, engaged and connected back to your purpose; where you both re-connect your people to the social and collaborative benefits of an in-person workplace and also retain the gains people have experienced working from home.

#2 Looking after
mental health and wellbeing

The pandemic has had a huge negative impact on mental health and wellbeing. Re-opening offices is not going to be a cure-all. Our specialist team can help you develop a wellbeing strategy and our range of mental health workshops and resources can support your leaders and teams to thrive through the anxieties, challenges and opportunities ahead as we evolve a new way of working.  

#3 Inclusive leadership workshops

It is both a human and a business imperative for employers to live up to their organisational DE&I commitments in the post-pandemic workplace. Our inclusive leadership workshops support leaders to identify obstacles to inclusion (particularly in relation to hybrid work), provide practical tools and approaches, and help ensure greater equity and fairness in your
post-pandemic workplace.

#4 The effective hybrid workplace workshops

Working together again in person is going to require some adjustment. Combine that with ongoing remote working and you add an extra dimension of challenge and complexity. How will you ensure this new hybrid phase feels psychologically safe for all – that wellbeing is safeguarded, and returners, new joiners, and hybrid teams feel mutually respected and supported? Our refreshed respect@work and wellbeing workshops support teams to work well together in-person, digitally, and in the hybrid workplace.

#5 Effective communication skills workshops

Communicating effectively, listening with kindness and empathy, is going to be the key human skill for leaders, individuals and teams going forward. Our practical workshops build participants’ skills and confidence in having difficult conversations. Whether you want to upskill leaders to listen more skilfully when a team member is struggling, enable team members to empathise better with one another, or support employee allies to build inclusion, we design tailored workshops focussed on how to have better human conversations in difficult times.

#6 Conflict resolution

Wherever there is change -role changes, new functions, restructures, loss of headcount - it can be unsettling, and people may complain, challenge, or struggle to meet new expectations.  Our conflict resolution sessions, designed for ER/HR teams and leaders, help you to manage conflict more effectively – often at an informal stage. Our skilled Resolution Team can provide expert assistance and guidance in handling live situations.  

Webinar | On demand

This summer is set to see a lifting of lockdown restrictions, including a return of the physical workplace. Re-establishing organisational norms and the logistical practicalities are high on the agenda, of course, but this alone won't create an effectively functioning workplace. Leading people into the 'next normal' requires a human skillset that is tuned into and equipped to deal with emotion.

Join us on 29 April to hear our workplace behaviour experts explore how to approach the future of work. We'll cover:
supporting mental health and wellbeing
leading with EQ for inclusion, engagement and culture
resolving tricky people issues.

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