Workplace wellbeing

Making a strategic shift

Resilience and wellbeing are now senior leadership priorities. Covid-19 has made that inevitable. The stakes are high for organisations and individuals. Get it right and you can pull ahead of the also-rans. Few can afford to get it wrong. Yet many organisations are doing the same activities and finding it isn’t enough – EAP, champions, health benefits and one-off training.

Unaligned activity can’t meet the challenges of the times. You need to make a shift from activity to strategy. If you’re ready to go up a gear, we can help.

  • Objective insight
  • Strategic action
  • Enhanced performance
  • Focused investment
  • Reduced risk
  • Enhanced reputation

Insight - we begin by working out where you are. We have a menu of options for gathering and assessing data and engaging with your people. We select the best methods for your organisation and budget. This could include surveys, qualitative interviews and/or analysing data you already hold.

Strategy - we develop a strategy in consultation with you. Crucially, this will be based on what is actually happening in your organisation - the interventions will be focussed upon the issues that exist and can be prioritised on an informed basis. We help you set achievable milestones and methods for measuring impact

Action - we will not recommend interventions unless we think they have value and we will only recommend our own services if we think they’re the right solution. We’re well connected in the industry and can independently recommend other providers and solutions where relevant, reducing the leg work for your team in a crowded market.