Suicide First Aid webinar

Suicide First Aid webinar

Work-related suicide and understanding the risks:

It isn’t easy to think about suicide, let alone talk about it. But talking about suicide helps to grow knowledge, awareness and understanding. Which in turn, can help grow our confidence.

1 in 5 people think about suicide in their lifetime. 1 in 15 will attempt suicide in their lifetime.

If we can understand the risks, and get better at recognising the warning signs, we are much better placed to help those who are most vulnerable and who need guidance towards lifesaving help and support.

Workplace training can help people to feel more comfortable around this topic whilst also helping to create a community where workers have the potential to be that bridge that gets someone from point A to point B. This isn’t about becoming counsellors or therapists. This is simply an understanding of what it is we need to look out for, knowing how to respond. A better understanding of what language to use and how asking the right questions might just save a life.

Mark O’Grady and Richard Martin held a webinar on Monday 17th January and they explored the importance of Suicide First Aid and what you can do to help support those in crisis.

Mark is a qualified Suicide First Aid Instructor. He spoke about some of the important steps you can take to help prevent suicide, in addition to outlining the different types of Suicide First Aid courses that are available to you and your organisation.

Each course helps to deliver the practical steps required and will help to grow knowledge, skills and confidence when supporting those at risk of suicide.

This is a safe space in which to learn more about how to become part of the solution.

Due to the sensitive nature of the webinar, we have password protected it. Please do contact us for access.


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