Matt Dean

Matt Dean

Co-Founder and Director
"I would highly recommend byrne·dean. I have worked with Matt Dean for over 18 years and honestly think they are the most impactful trainers around on the topic. They were all employment lawyers and their style I have found really resonates with the types of audiences we work with. They are very skilled at not just delivering a message but helping people to understand inclusion and their impact on others (intended or otherwise)."
Jen, HR Director- Financial Services

Victoria Byrne and I started byrne·dean in 2003 to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces. My two head and neck cancers (2009 and 2016) have influenced my life and work. My first book ‘the Soft Stuff: reclaiming kindness for the world of work’ was published in April 2019.

I was an Employment Lawyer from 1989–2003 and created the ground breaking Employment Law Training team at Simmons & Simmons, where we started talking to people about the risks they ran at work and realised that you avoid employment problems by focusing on things like engagement and inclusion.

I’ve done my 10,000 hours of facilitation. I love getting people to focus on changing their bit of the firm. Increasingly I work with the most senior people in firms but also with teams and with everyone in firms. I do some one to one resolution and some strategic work – normally on culture change.

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2003 – current: Founder, Director, byrne·dean

1995 – 2003: Simmons & Simmons

1989 – 1995: Richards Butler

1986 – 1988: Brand Manager, Unilever plc

BA (Law), Pembroke College, Oxford Univeristy

Law Society Finals, Manchester Polytechnic

Cross Cultural Understanding, Hofstede Institute