Case study

Delivering anti-racism training to resonate across continents

We design and deliver an online course for thousands of people across a global law firm.

The challenge

Racism is experienced differently by people in different racial groups across the globe. When taking on the challenge of creating a genuinely anti-racist workplace, many companies face a huge challenge in creating something universal that works for all of their people. A global law firm recognised this and approached us to collaborate on designing anti-racism training that would resonate with their entire workforce, comprising hundreds of people across multiple continents, and across diverse cultures, races and ethnicities. Outside of the general concept of racism, the company also recognised the need to address specific issues around race and racism following the murder of George Floyd, the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, and incidents of anti-Asian hate in the US.

The solution

The majority of global workers prefer to learn at their own pace, and digital learning techniques have been shown to significantly increase knowledge retention rates. With that in mind, we designed, built, and delivered a fully comprehensive, easily accessible, and multi-faceted online training course that could be rolled out to every single staff member at the firm, accessible on-demand within the flow of work. The course modules included education about global racism issues, models explaining common behaviour patterns relating to racism, and interactive sections involving actors playing out difficult workplace situations. We worked closely with the firm and EDI experts to check that every word used was appropriate, culturally sensitive, and would resonate with its intended audience in different countries.

The impact

Our contacts at the firm were pleased with our output, as our training solution received positive feedback from around the organisation. Off the back of this success, we are now expanding the scope of our training with the firm to include an additional leadership module.

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