Case study

Resolving – and growing from – claims of LGBTQ+ discrimination

A difficult situation becomes an opportunity.

The challenge

Resolving a workplace conflict should not just be a means to an end. Instead, businesses should see uncomfortable disputes as a platform for genuine and sustainable cultural change. We worked with a large UK company to do just that, after a former employee had raised allegations of a culture of LGBTQ+ discrimination within the firm to their external partners.

The solution

The external partners were notified that an independent organisation was investigating the matter, which we swiftly carried out company-wide to establish the facts. We presented our findings in a report designed to be shared with the partners, finding objectively that the allegations could not be upheld. Regardless, we still worked closely with the team on furthering their approach to LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion, helping them to review policies and introduce internal processes that would help prevent any potential issues in the future.

The impact

The organisation was able to draw a line under the incident and maintain their relationships with their external partners. Rather than being an obligatory exercise to begrudgingly follow,

the resolution process itself became seen as a welcomed means of furthering their commitment to inclusion. A leader at the firm said: “My experience with Byrne Dean was excellent. They were professional, directed, cost conscious, and performed the tasks they were given with sensitivity and objectivity. They handled a challenging assignment in a timely fashion, within budget and produced a work product that exceeded our expectations.”

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