Burn out - a state of vital exhaustion

Richard Martin




This is about all of us. As Andrew says, “People say that one in four people suffer from mental health difficulties. It’s time to move away from that thinking. It’s not ‘us and them’; it’s each of us living a life with peaks and troughs, and anyone suffering from enough pressure could be at risk of developing burnout.”

We are doing an ever growing amount of work with employers and their staff about understanding stress and its impact on individuals, their families and the businesses in which they work.  

Like all things its a spectrum, and at the extreme end you get burn out, a euphemism for when your mind and/or body just say that's enough and pack up shop.  Here is a great article from the Guardian with two people's stories which resonate with so many others I have heard (and one I have experienced).  

This is about all of us and we should all take five minutes to read this and reflect on what we are doing, how we are and what we might need to do to change things - because no-one else is going to do that for us.