Even our most senior judges need to reflect on their conduct

Alison Best




Former Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger said he ‘strongly suspects’ he may have been guilty of what ‘would now be considered bullying’ when he was practising at the bar. Neuberger, who retired from the Supreme Court last year, said he hoped it would not have been thought of as bullying but that people from his generation are ‘perhaps less sensitive than they should be’. He added that those people, who may still not realise that they are behaving inappropriately, should be told.

Do you work in a law firm and are you busy on Thursday morning?  We are running a free open session on just this subject.  

The comment (below) from Lord Neuberger is right on the money.  Often people don't realise the impact they are having.  It's not what they intend. 

There is still so much work to do on creating the right culture in law firms.  It goes beyond egregious examples of sexual misconduct.  It's more subtle,  covert, and - crucially - even unconscious.  It's about how we treat people - particularly when we have power.

So training people on this stuff is not about pointing the finger.  It's critically important not to 'turn off' the people who most need to focus on this... because they feel 'got at' (or worse, bored).   Let's have a conversation about how we can all get better at this stuff.  

This session will be held at WeWork in Moorgate.  You can find more information here