Virtual training for business continuity

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At byrne·dean we have always been clear: our world class awareness raising and catalysing work is best done in rooms where colleagues can discuss with each other what they’re learning and focusing on. Our clients have agreed with us and we’ve spent 17 years doing hugely successful, face to face work.

We have also developed online programmes, and e-resources, often to complement and accompany our face-to-face work. Over time too, our facilitation team have become increasingly adept at delivering content via our clients’ VC networks and interactively within the confines posed by a variety of webinar platforms.

As you would expect, we have reacted to the current, developing COVID-19 crisis by revisiting and sharing learning among our wider team on best practice for VC and webinar delivery. We are conscious that our clients will be looking in the coming months to move some of our work onto digital platforms (VC or webinar) and we want to make sure that we are in the best place possible to accommodate such requests.

We’re also thinking about the fact that many clients will have populations who will be working remotely and not through choice. We would love to be able to offer resources which will enable those people both to make the most of that time and to develop their wider skills while keeping in touch with colleagues: we have a number of leadership courses for example that have typically been run face to face and which would lend themselves to digital delivery. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of this – we do just love talking about this stuff. 

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