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We're so excited to say that we will be closing our office for two weeks in August (5 – 16 inclusive) to give our fantastic team a proper break.  


We’re a small, values based consultancy with a mission to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces for our clients. Our exceptionally skilled team couldn’t make a difference to so many businesses around the world if we didn’t live these values ourselves. Because we have quieter periods, shut-downs allow a small business like ours to increase flexibility and wellbeing.  We’re confident that it’s going to help overall productivity (and Vitamin D intake too)!

How it works

We've written to all our clients and given them plenty of warning. Consequently, July is really busy! We are making sure that if anyone needs to us, we are there to support them around our two week closure. We’ll have an answering service, but the idea is that it won’t be passing on routine queries.  Otherwise the benefit to our team would be reduced.  Many clients have already told us that they are hugely supportive. They  understand that recharging the team's batteries means that they are likely to benefit overall.

'Happy people work harder’ is byrne·dean’s aphorism, so we are thrilled we can provide this benefit to our team. 

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