Mental health first aid - open course 16 and 17 February

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The last few weeks have seen a lot of welcome talk from the prime minister and royals around the importance of increased mental health awareness. The government has pledged funding for mental health first aid training in schools and has advocated the same in business, without, of course, the commitment of funding.

We are running an open mental health first aid course on 16 and 17 February in central London. There are still a few spaces left. Licensed and accredited by Mental Health First Aid for England, the course trains and equips people to act as mental health first aiders in the same way as we are used to having physical first aiders. It is a vital part of any organisation's mental health and wellbeing strategy and for those organisations wondering how to get started, it provides a great base from which to begin planning.

The course will be run by Richard Martin. Richard enjoyed a successful 20 year city employment law career before suffering his own mental health problems. He is now a highly experienced facilitator in this area and leads our work and thinking on the subject working with many employers to raise awareness, train and develop strategy.

The course equips delegates to have the knowledge and confidence to approach issues in the workplace and elsewhere, understand what may be happening, assess the situation, provide reassurance, listen non judgmentally and help the person towards self and/or professional help. Importantly, it also offers delegates the space and opportunity to reflect on and discuss their own experience and understanding of mental health and wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment.

For more details of the course and/or to book a place, please contact either richard.martin@byrnedean.comor

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