Time to talk day - 2 February 2017

Richard Martin




Time to Talk Day 2017 Time to Talk Day - Thursday 2nd February 2017 Conversations change lives. This Time to Talk Day, we want to get the nation talking about mental health and keep the conversation going round the clock.

Just a reminder that 2 February - that's Thursday next week - is the annual national time to talk day when we are all encouraged to have a conversation about mental health.

Stigma and discrimination have their roots in silence and ignorance. By talking openly about mental health we break the silence and help dispel the ignorance. And the best part of it is we all have something to contribute - we all have a state of mental health, good or bad.

So make appoint of having a conversation next Thursday, but try also to make it part of your every day conversations, It isn't hard. It begins with "How are you?", and really meaning it and listening to the answer. And if someone asks how you are, tell them, honestly, and start a conversation.

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