Top tips from MIND for wrapping up for Christmas

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-Make sure that you have enough time for yourself to unwind and relax-Try to not think about work-Don’t check your work emails unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you must check them, restrict the number of times you do this

The festive period can often be a time of overwhelm.  When we have too many things to do (at work and home) and not enough time, we tend to put ourselves low down on the list of priorities.  This results in us not enjoying our time off and/or not feeling refreshed and energised when we return.  

So here are some wise tips from the Mind Workplace Wellbeing team on how to wrap up things at work and plan your return after the festivities are over.  It's all about managing expectations, prioritising and creating healthy boundaries.  And since your wellbeing is important at any time of the year, why not continue this throughout 2018?

Wishing you a lovely festive break!

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