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This workshop explores what more employers can reasonably do to ensure potential harassment problems are addressed.

Many employers have a behaviour and harassment policy and will also have trained their staff in appropriate workplace behaviour.  However, even in strong workplace cultures, there is an ongoing need to address a gap between this awareness-raising and actually making a speaking up culture a reality in practice.

Often that gap exists because people are fearful of speaking up to ‘power’ or authority or in a ‘formal’ way.  Sometimes (rightly or wrongly) it is because people don’t trust that the organisation will do anything about it.  One powerful way to bridge the gap is by making sure that everyone knows there is someone supportive they can speak to outside the formal reporting structures.

We’ve heard them called ‘allies’; ‘guardians’ ‘champions’, but the name is less important than the people – a group of empathetic and responsible staff who understand, and can help support, the culture you are aiming to create.

In this introductory session we look at the role of these ‘allies’, how they might work in your organisation, getting them in place, and the training they need.