Who we are

Working with you to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces.

Our story

We began as a collective of employment law and HR experts who saw the potential for many of the workplace problems we’d dealt with in our careers to be avoided altogether or at least resolved much earlier – before lawyers had to get involved. We understood the patterns – how and why relationships and situations fester and that in fact all employment problems are emotional problems. We wanted to use that knowledge for good and we set out to inspire awareness in workplaces. 

Almost two decades on, the world, workplaces and expectations on people have changed significantly. Much of what we do has got harder and our work is increasingly relevant. We’ve always attracted incredible people whose individual purposes align with ours – to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces.

Today we are a leading workplace behaviour consultancy; working with organisations all over the world to deliver on our purpose through our workplace training & facilitation, wellbeing, resolution and strategic support services.

Our people

We are a collective of emotionally intelligent experts who have a deep understanding of workplace behaviour and wellbeing issues from careers working in and alongside leading organisations and institutions.

Our team includes employment lawyers, HR specialists, barristers, coaches, clinical psychologists, mediators and mental health first aiders. Each of us has relevant, real world and lived experience that we bring to a live situation to speak on a level. It’s what makes us credible, commercial and relatable. It's the collective power of our people’s experience and perspectives that elevates the quality of our work.

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Our values

Making a difference

We care about creating better workplaces, helping our clients engage their people – protecting them from risk. We encourage and equip people to be accountable for the environment they create around them at work. We challenge the status quo and strive for impact and effectiveness in everything we do.

Work in its proper place

We love what we do and when we are working, work is the most important thing in our lives. We provide exceptional service and enable our team to meet our clients’ high expectations by allowing them to balance the competing priorities in their lives. Commitment and contribution during working time are what matters.

Doing what’s right

We work with the highest standards of probity. We offer innovative solutions that best answer our clients’ problems rather than easy answers. We’re uncomfortable rolling out standard products and helping people tick boxes. If the solution does not need to involve us, we will tell you.

Connecting with people

We connect as a team and our team connects with the people we work with. We listen to what people are actually saying and value their contribution. These constructive connections inspire and enable people to change their workplaces. We challenge people to make the best use of their whole selves at work.


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